MetaSoccer Gold

MetaSoccer Gold (MSG) is the digital currency of the MetaSoccer Universe. As an ERC-20 token, MSG is central to the ecosystem, enabling transactions such as the purchase and sale of assets and the creation of new ones.

Owning MSG not only grants you the ability to play the game but also empowers you with governance rights. As a holder, you can influence the strategic direction and development of the game through voting on key decisions. This blend of gameplay and governance places MSG at the heart of MetaSoccer's digital economy and its community-driven future.

Dynamic Supply & Liquidity

The supply of MSG tokens is managed through a Token Bonding Curve (TBC), which is a smart contract mechanism that adjusts the minting and burning of tokens in response to market dynamics. The liquidity in the TBC, represented by the USDT reserve, increases with token purchases and decreases with sales. This helps stabilize the price by ensuring that any price increases are supported by proportional increases in liquidity.

Furthermore, to further enhance the economic value and sustainability of the MetaSoccer ecosystem, MetaSoccer will have a parallel liquidity pool utilizing Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) as collateral. Up to 30% of total DEX liquidity will be allocated to this pool. Management of this pool will be in collaboration with a Market Making partner to ensure a stable and balanced liquidity provision.

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Token Circulation

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